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Ricky Sayegh MD, MBA

Ricky Sayegh is a highly skilled and accomplished Physician and Healthcare Executive in USA. He has served in C-level, consulting and executive positions within diverse industries including major hospitals, multi-physician practices, urgent care, insurance companies, health systems, and more.  Ricky J. Sayegh’s primary mission has been the positioning of institutions to achieve a competitive and profitable position within a rapidly changing environment.

Ricky Sayegh’s Expertise

Ricky Sayegh’s experience includes detailed organizational diagnoses to compare performance versus goals and to identify risks and opportunities.  He partners with clinical teams and relevant stakeholders to employ strategies including restructures, lean operations, process improvements, marketing and branding, technology enhancements, internal controls, cost efficiencies, identification of new revenue streams, and the use of goal setting/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and real-time data collection/analysis.  He collaborates with team members on improving quality care and patient outcomes, resulting in patients’ loyalty and a growing referral network.  In addition, Rick Sayegh has utilized artificial intelligence to improve healthcare insights, advanced medical diagnoses and detection, identification of physiological patterns and improved patient outcomes.

Rick Sayegh’s Achievements

His accomplishments are many and include an increase in the accuracy of diagnostic services by 60%-65%, decreased emergency room waiting times by 45%, new multi-million dollar revenue streams, a reimbursement increase of 30%-35%, and much more.  Ricky J. Sayegh has also been an Associate Clinical Professor with New York University School of Medicine.  He earned his Doctor of Medicine at S.U.N.Y., Albany and his Master of Business Administration at the University of Tennessee.  In addition, he is a Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Physician Executive (CPE). For more Visit Dr. Rick Sayegh’s Linked in profile.

Ricky J. Sayegh’s Leadership Approach

My leadership approach includes detailed organization diagnoses and review of performance versus goals, risk analysis and opportunity development. I use analytics to facilitate cross-functional teams and to serve as a catalyst for positive change and transformation management. I partner with executives and clinical teams to employ interventions including restructures, improved marketing and branding, technology enhancements, identification of new revenue streams, cost efficiencies, compliance, goal setting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and continuous improvement. My mission is to communicate that change is a constant and that organizations must continuously reinvent themselves in order to succeed. Once changes are in place, I rely heavily upon goal setting and metrics, followed by real-time data collection and analysis. This approach allows for a proactive versus reactive response to risks and opportunities, and serves as a baseline for performance consistency and sustainability.



      Master Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma


      Certified Physician Executive (CPE)


      Board Certified


American College of Hospital Executives

American Medical Association (AMA)


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