Dr. Rick Sayegh MD, MBA Reviews


Doctor Rick is a very experienced Doctor. He always gives me some very good suggestions. I am very lucky to have him as my doctor.
Edward B. Massey

Sea Master Chef

Thanks to Doctor Ricky for taking the time to describe for my satisfaction, the problem I had concerning my regular blood tests. The explanations were precise and supportive.
Dennis R. McCray

Steak Master Chef

My experience has always been excellent with him. The staff is efficient and helpful. I always feel that I am considered important and feel at comfort with the attention I will get.
Yvonne S. Zeiger


My visits are always very pleasant. The staff is excellent and very expert. Doctor Rick is very qualified and I feel like I receive excellent care.
Jonathan Neale


The Dr. Rick Sayegh is wonderful! He is thorough in collecting medical history and explained the analysis and the next steps for care precisely.
Jane Doe

Ceo LaStudio

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